20 maart 2014


    WireWorks: LET"S DANCE

    Number 3 is here! Something to do with skins, layering and love so Let's Dance :)

    Something I haven't mentioned before is that most of these WireWorks are also great in front of windows some even like free-hanging since they are more or less transparent.

    The main player is a former filmprop, netcurtains. The main star now. A bit of this was also used in TOGETHER. It had such a lovely dancing couple on it I couldn't resist. Combined with an old wooden keychain heart plus key from some foreign beachhut, maybe Sumatra, not sure what happened to the lock... This all led to the red stiched heart around the dancers, the pain and pleasure. Protective layers are stripped away to reveal the dancing scene. Dance me to the end of love...




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    14 maart 2014

    WireWorks: TOGETHER...

    Second one is out! :) Things are coming together quite well :).

    This time copperwire, stripped old electric wire, was added in the carrier, bits of broken carglass glass, nice 'n shiny :) and I came across a handfull of sample-pieces of fabric which also found there way in there. A tiny bit of (a former filmprop) net-curtain which will show more of itself in a later piece. Some used and dried teabagpapers, a stick, some rope and they're all happy together.

    The title came wen it was finished. I thought, all different bits of fabric 'n stuff all supporting/holding up he same thing... if we, people, could do this for humanity? All together. Celebrate the difference, we're all made of the same stuff :)

    CLICK here to go to galerie http://www.day4art.nl/kunstwerk/133899732_TOGETHER.html#.U42ODn

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  • TIME

    8 maart 2014


    WireWorks: TIME...

    Just uploaded the first of the WireWorks.TIME. One always has to be first. It couldn't wait as time flies.

    From my 'treasure' box came a old fishingnet, from Thailand an old Baby G wristband, 2 wings found outside, tin rusty circle, broken bits carglass windows, metal circle bit from doorlock, fake clockface, broken ceramic bits from Mexico and some Chinese good luck coins.

    Recent work, Recente werken click here: 



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  • WireWorks update

    2 maart 2014


    WireWorks update...

    Bending, cutting, shaping and some more bending.... definitely no good for hands and fingers but slowly things start to find each other and coming together. Not long now!


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  • WireWorks

    24 februari 2014


    WireWorks the process...

    During this Januari search of mine lots of old, broken throw away stuff came out of all the stuffy winter nooks and cranny's, so I'm thinking, these carriers might be perfect to carry all the broken found, disregarded things.... 

    And so the hunting (well, not really hunting) but the gathering has begon. Not throwing anything out and a serious possibility of getting more junk, as the family calls it, in the house. I like to call them treasures :)

    Will keep you posted ;)



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  • WireWorks

    17 februari 2014

    WireWorks, the process...

    It seems like I' ve been searching the whole of januari, the sense of loss was great so I kept searching, finding lots I was not looking for... Or even knew I had.

    Like the Wireworks.

    Cariers, frames, bent wire things. Around 2006 I think it was, I started to make them without knowing what and if they would become anything. Over the years every so often I would make one and store it with the rest, out of sight and obviously out of mind for a while.

    But now might be the time to let them evolve, maybe carry something. Let's start the assemblage. I'm just gonna have some fun and we'll see what happens...

    The WIREWORKS are (be)coming soon :)



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  • A New year is here...

    7 januari 2014

    A New Year is Here...

    Een avontuurlijk, kleurrijk en gezond 2014 aan allen! Geniet :)

    An adventurous, colourful and healthy 2014! Enjoy :)


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  • Schoon Schip / Wassily's frisbee

    17 juni 2013

    Schoon Schip/ Wassily's frisbee

    Men mag een schip nooit aan één anker het leven nooit aan één hoop vastleggen. Epictetos

    Drie van mijn werken: I Move, The Pursuit of Perfection No.2 en A Sense of Home zijn in VLAAMS-NEDERLANDS LITERAIR/CULTUREEL TIJDSCHRIFT 20. Jaargang

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  • Pack or leave behind... Traveling light in 2013

    31 december 2012

    Pack or leave behind.. Traveling light.

      Aahh, het einde van 2012 is nabij en wat een mooi jaar het was voor ons! Rest mij nog al die wonderlijke, mooie, romantische, avontuurlijke momenten bij elkaar te rapen, als juwelen voorzichtig in te pakken, goed op te bergen en mee te nemen op mijn reis.

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  • NEW

    31 december 2011


    A new round, new opportunities, new chances, new beginnings... A New Year. Have a happy one everyone!


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