• En ineens is het tweeduizendtwintig.

    9 januari 2020

    Met de beste wensen voor 2020!

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  • 1 januari 2018

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  • Kunst-Groei-Kaarten

    20 augustus 2017

    X made by day4art.nl    


    Het is alweer een tijd geleden dat ik hier schreef maar de tijden zijn druk en vaak blijkt er niet genoeg ruimte en tijd voor het creëren van nieuwe werken te zijn..

    Toch worden er hier tussendoor nog wat kleine dingen gemaakt zoals de nieuwe Kunst-Groei-Kaarten. Mini collages vervaardigd uit oud papier en theezakjes, bij sommige zit het touwtje er nog bij ;). Niet alleen een gezellige natuur vriendelijke kaart maar ook, met wat geluk, een klein bosje veldbloemen (ook voor 2018).

    *Alle kaarten worden vervaardigd uit gerecyclede en natuurlijke materialen!

    Kijk even bij Kunst-Groei-Kaarten in het menu voor een overzicht van de ontwerpen, bestellen en prijs.

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  • Onverwacht afscheid.

    6 juni 2017

    Een schok en onverwacht afscheid, dag Ton, walk on. X

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  • In the spotlight!

    15 april 2015

    Here's a nice bit of reading by Ryan O'Conner :) About the beauty of useless stuff.and other things N-joy!


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  • Happy New Year!

    1 januari 2015

    To all who own a little piece off my life and everyone else who might in the future...

    Have a great, creative, loving and beautifully coloured 2015! 



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    19 juni 2014


    WireWorks: ZAZEN

    The frame, stil being in a summery mood from TAGGED, is inspired by nature. The outside frame I already had so folded some wire flowers and leaves which were just screaming for used, washed, unravelled, dyed bits of teabags.

    As I go as it comes on this one, the wire bit was done, the leaves and flowers stuck already in there so total covering was going to be difficult and not wanted... Used the outsides of the bags to cover half or most of the petals and am rather happy with that.There's a bit of string still attached somewhere but no tags this time.

    Then, what to do with the middle? Something peaceful. Had a rummage through the lost and found and came up with this little buddha figurine.

    Once upon a time this was an inhabitant of our bathroom, seen and heard things no one has, stuck firmly, or not as it turned out, with it's suctioncup against the tile to quietly hold up my toothbrush when one day it fell and both it's legs broke of. Unable to hold up the toothbrush any longer it disappeared somewhere. Here, to be exactly :) Perfect! I love to be outdoors, bare feet in the gras, meditate. A sanctuary. Sitting. Zazen.

    The suctioncup came in handy as I wanted it to elevate, float a bit (like in the bathroom) in it's eggshaped space where the words from the world are fading... (more teabagpapers).

    Last on the list, the hanging thing, what will it be? My last work had to be shipped without it's stick unfortunatly as the country has some strict rules in place. A replacement shouldn't be to hard to find in that case but this one might be a bit trickier?

    The Honey Locust tree produces huge interesting looking pods. I've picked some up a long time ago and one has this beautiful curl... And that was basicly that! As I was tying it on, I noticed you could unfold bits of the black paper rope, mini pods?, and used it a bit like a vine ;) Lastly, all the paperwork is treated with a matt transparent varnish from Lascaux. Hope you like. Click here to go to: http://www.day4art.nl/kunstwerk/144651009_ZAZEN.html#.U6MWFBa6xNM



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    5 mei 2014

    WireWorks: TAGGED (by Mr.Nelson)

    It took a bit longer this time for this one to fly out but here it is. Another very fragile (as butterflies go) little WireWork.

    TAGGED (by Mr Nelson) it really should be Lord Nelson but I liked Mister better, named after one of our favorite (green) tea's at the moment and as we drink, we're left with all those used bags 'n tags. These together with the coffee filters gave me the idea of this Nelson's butterfly. 

    The basic frame I already had, made a while back so most of the work went into the bending and shaping and covering of the butterfly itself, made out of 12 pieces in total. Definitly not good for fingers.

    Bits of burlap, fruitnets, the (in many other WireWorks used 'prop') net curtains and ofcourse the teabag papers with tags and some coffee filters I got of a friend who still makes his coffee the old fashioned way:) No plastic or metal little cups just plain old paper filters. Luckily for me he was out of the unbleached version and had used his back-up stash of accidentally bought white ones. Much better for painting colours. I noticed that when you (when still a bit moist) rip them they give you a nice frayed edge. Only on one odly shaped side unfortunaly, but they looked quite feathery so in they went.

    TAGGED is slightly bent and the two topwings stick out about 2,5 cm, something that is invisible on the picture. With the branch that would make the whole work stick out about 4 cm.

    Definitly one of the more fragile works in this series, hope you enjoy :)

    Check it out here: http://day4art.exto.org/kunstwerk/139584038_TAGGED+%28by+Mr.+Nelson%29.html#.U2dkLsa6xNM


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    7 april 2014


    WireWorks: SECRETS

    I found this (zwerfie) on the Snoekjesgracht in Amsterdam and it looked odd. Was it a grater? No. Wat was it? No one knew but to me it looked like a little window. In my mind I saw the many little lovely windows I have visited in the world, in palaces, churches, ruins, places like that. To me they scream secrets and present lots of questions and pondering. (I like that word!) What is going on behind it? What happend there? They always look lovely to me, standing on the outside... 

    The window is helped by used bits of cardboard, teabagpapers, some old 'secretive' :) letters, a little story in Arabic, symbolic for some whispery stuff I imagine going on. An old bit of lace flowers, a paint mixing stick and a little book I made. I'm not sure yet why there had to be a book only know it had to be so...:) It's coming from the inside, the book of secrets, the book of souls..? Pondering.

    Lots going on in this one! Click here: http://www.day4art.nl/kunstwerk/136651754_SECRETS.html#.U0KG98a6xNM  


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  • SWAN

    29 maart 2014


    WireWorks: SWAN

    Miss SWAN has arrived and all is going well so far...Can't really explain how this one happened but it did and I'm quite happy with her.

    About two years ago my neighbours let go of a white plastic bag that ended up in a big tree. It's still there and has taken on many different shapes and probably will do so for a lot longer. This could have very well been the foundation for this work...

    When I was doing a bit of bending one day she just appeared... A lonely pearl fitted perfectly.

    The broken crappy plastic bag came dancing toward me in the street one day and I took it home, probably to throw away, which I appearently forgot. It didn't need anything doing to it, I cleaned it and just folded it in and out and through the frame and attached it to get a nice 3D effect.

    The whole thing reminds me of ballet, the fragility, tutu's... Swan lake, to which my dad took me to see for the first time when I was a little girl.

    Some sort of a backdrop seemed necessary, odd bits of paper, lace, teabagpaper with string and tag this time. Adding a bit of sparkle here and there and inevitably she's draging some debris along with her. Some seashells, bits of glass, my message in a (perfume test) bottle and a piece of mirror... I just had a look:) 

    Have a look: http://www.day4art.nl/kunstwerk/135594405_SWAN.html#.Uza2k1wrF1c


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